Nike N7 Seven Peaks with luxe black fleece WildWool

Nike N7 Seven Peaks with luxe black fleece WildWool

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➳Made from the Pendleton® Nike N7 Seven Peaks blanket

➳82% pure virgin wool / 18% cotton

➳Woven at Pendleton's Northwest Woolen Mills


➳Lined with Luxe Fleece

➳Super ~ approx 9” x 39”

➳The multiples available in the Nike N7 Seven Peaks WildWool with luxe black fleece are cut from the same blanket and therefore will be substantively similar to the photo. However, there will be slight variations in each WildWool based on the placement of the pattern. The WildWools pictured are a sampling of what each WildWool might look like.

➳➳➳Please note the higher price of the Nike N7 WildWools (Seven Peaks and Seven Generations) reflects  the higher cost of those special edition blankets—a portion of the proceeds from the N7 blanket sales go to the American Indian College Fund, a nonprofit organization that helps fund scholarships for Native American students and tribal colleges. These blankets are priced $60 higher than standard Pendleton blankets and the WildWools made from them are priced commensurately.