Everything You Need to Know About WildWools

What in the heck is a WildWool?

A WildWool is kind of like the "wild rags" everyone in the western world lives in, but a heck of a lot cozier. We love our wild rags as much as the next cowgirl, but sometimes you just need something warmer to protect your face and ears from the wind and cold!  WildWools are snap-on cowls sewn from real Pendleton® blankets. 


So what in the heck is a wild rag?

 A wild rag is a silk bandana worn around the neck that is not only stylish but super functional; pull it up to keep dust out of your face in the summer and pull it up in the winter to help keep your face warm. Think of WildWools as the super insulated and cozy version of a wild rag--it's a WildWool!


Do I have to be a cowgirl to love and wear WildWools?

Heck no!  While the idea of WildWools started as a play on the wild rags that are so popular in the western world (and they are amazing to wear when saddling up in the cold), folks from all walks of life love their WildWools. Wear them to walk your dog, walk to work, run errands, go ice skating, ride quads, when hunting (for meat or amazing sheds), fishing, to stay warm on those freezing cold airplanes...ANYWHERE AND EVERYWHERE! They'll keep you warm and they're beautiful. If you love the idea of form AND function, then you'll love WildWools.


I don't like things around my neck so I don't think I would like wearing a WildWool.

 It may sound counterintuitive, but if you don't like things around your neck, then you'll probably love wearing a WildWool. Unlike scarves and neck gators that strangle, rub, and chafe your skin, WildWools sit loosely on your shoulders, giving your chest, neck, and face plenty of breathing room.  Pop it up for maximum warmth and wind protection, or fold it over and slouch it down when you want warmth with a little more airflow. Either way WildWools don't feel tight and constricting like traditional scarves.

And WildWools are lined with luxe, velvety fleece so they feel dreamy on the inside (no itchy wool will touch your skin); the layer of wool and fleece provides unmatched wind protection and warmth for your neck, face, and ears. All without actually touching your neck, face, and ears! 


Do you really cut up beautiful Pendleton® blankets to make WildWools?

 Yep. You can bet the first time we cut into a beautiful (not to mention pretty darn expensive) Pendleton® wool blanket it wasn't easy. It went something like this--stare at the blanket, measure the cuts, stare some more, pick up the scissors, take a few deep breaths, set down the scissors, take a break for a glass of wine, measure again, a few more deep breaths, more wine, measure again just to be sure...well, you get the picture. It wasn't easy.  But the first cut was the hardest; now that we are obsessed with WildWools we slice and dice with wild glee and abandon!  And the best part of making WildWools (besides keeping one of every single pattern) is being able to shop for, and buy, stacks and stacks of amazing Pendleton® blankets!


What is the difference between "napped" and "unnapped" WildWools?

 Pendleton® uses the term napped or unnapped to describe the look and feel of their wool blankets. It describes how the wool has been finished--once woven, the wool fibers can either be combed upright (napped), or left to lay flat (unnapped). In practical terms, a napped blanket has a fuzzier look and feels thicker, while unnapped has a smooth, tighter finish that feels thinner. So it's all the same fabric, with the same wonderful properties of wool, just finished differently. Both make beautiful WildWools!


Do you do custom orders for WildWools?

We are happy to do custom orders, if possible.  Just ask! 


What is the Sezzle  payment option?

WildWools aren't cheap--they are hand-crafted by local seamstresses in Washington and Montana from authentic Pendleton® blankets that are made in the USA.  We know it can be hard to justify spending your hard earned money on a higher price point item, and let's face it, paying bills comes first.  Sezzle gives you a little breathing room that makes hitting the "BUY" button a little easier!  It's an alternative payment option that allows you "Shop Now and Pay Later" with no interest.  When you pay with Sezzle, your WildWools purchase is split into four interest-free installments that are automatically scheduled over the next six weeks.  Kind of like layaway but better, because your WildWools purchase is shipped immediately after you complete the transaction with Sezzle!  


Does Sezzle run a credit check?

 Sezzle doesn't qualify as a credit product, so there is no “hard credit check” processed. To approve your purchase, Sezzle does a "soft check" that does not have an impact on your credit but helps verify your identify and protect against fraud.


What happens when I pay with Sezzle?

You'll pay just 25% of the purchase total when you check-out.  The remaining 75% is due over 3 easy payments scheduled across 6 weeks.  You'll set up an account with Sezzle and the installment payments will be automatically withdrawn from the bank account you file with Sezzle. 


How long will it take to ship my WildWools order?

Orders usually ship within 1 to 3 business days. If it will take longer to ship your WildWools order, we'll let you know.


The WildWools I wanted is sold out, will you get more?

It just depends. Some Pendleton® blankets we use to make WildWools are limited editions or seasonal patterns and so availability is limited.  Shoot us an email at info@wild-wools.com and we'll let you know!


I haven't received my order! What's taking so long?

 We make every effort to ship orders within 3 business days. Sometimes it takes just a little longer. Once shipped, most customers receive their WildWools orders in 3-5 business days. But once your order is shipped, it is out of our hands.  We typically ship USPS or UPS and will always provide a tracking number for your order; if there is a problem with the delivery we will do our best to help figure out the problem, but please understand once your order has been shipped, we are at the mercy of the shipping company!